19 November 2012
Frank Romano drops on drupa during Print World
TORONTO—A veteran of ten Drupas, Frank Romano dubbed this year's exhibition "the Landa Drupa" during his Print World presentation about the highs and lows of the tech shown in Dusseldorf.

The RIT professor emeritus predicted that "the new, humble Benny Landa" would make good on claims that the revolutionary new nanographic printing process would exceed offset quality by around 2016, and be within offset range by the end of 2013. Romano also told the crowd that printers looking to get into digital would have to consider buying other machines in the meantime.

As for other technology, Romano gave a thumbs-up to the Kodak Prosper, saying the hybrid digital machine's output quality is close to, and perhaps even exceeds, that of offset lithography.

"Digital colour is closing the productivity gap," said Romano, noting that roll-fed is increasing in speed while sheet-fed offset remains where it was. Most of offset's developments were environmental and its main advantage is that it can still do the range of spot/Pantone colours, said Romano.

While touching on sheet-fed inkjet, Romano highlighted the inconsistent sheet sizes used by different makes and models. "It's a mess," Romano said.  He pointed out that printers will eventually need either specially-sized papers or will have to cut standardized papers, asking with a laugh, "Why do manufacturers of printers never talk to the people who make paper?"
— Jef Catapang
2. Frank Romano says:
21 November 2012 at 10:22 AM
Others have called him the new humble Benny Landa compared with 1993 but I say he is the genius that began the digital revolution and the one who will finish it. First installs of Landa systems are expected at end of 2013. A chart showed the evolution of Landa nanographic printing quality. I think the 2014 level will be more than acceptable and by 2016 will exceed offset quality. However, you will still need to be in digital printing until then and there are many systems that can serve as a stepping stone.
1. Randy says:
20 November 2012 at 11:17 AM
I've seen the prosper quality and it doesnt come close to that of any litho. Honestly my personal home printer has better quality. It has its place in the high volume variable, but its not even close to the ballpark let alone in it when it comes to quality.
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