28 November 2018
Printing Auction Week in Canada
Die cutter at Boss Logo Auction
Die cutter at Boss Logo Auction
Two printing auctions in the last week of November. Boss Logo which was held on Wednesday and MFM ( Marvin Foy Marketing) which is on Thursday (MFM is being held by Corporate Assets ). CJ Graphics is holding one in early December to sell off some surplus equipment from some of their aquisitions.
Mitsubishi 5 colour at MFM auction
Mitsubishi 5 colour at MFM auction
Both auctions  this week have  offset presses and bindery equipment. Not a lot of digital. It is unusual now, for so many that close together. Printing auctions use to be a big event in the industry where every one would meet. Now most are held online and printers do not get a chance to meet each other any more. 
3. Alice says:
9 December 2018 at 3:52 PM
I disagree that Boss Logo went out of business as a 'sign of the times'. There are other companies in the same segment of the industry doing very well (like Sina). Boss Logo went out of business due to extremely poor service and inconsistent delivery. I don't think there's a trade printing company in the GTA area that has a worse reputation. The vitriol directed at them isn't isolated; the 1.9/5 rating on 219 Google reviews is a testament to that. I'm shocked they lasted as long as they did.
2. Gerald says:
7 December 2018 at 10:27 AM
A lot of nasty comments, Boss Logo went belly up, as a sign of the times. They were busy but without a profit, and that is a sign of the times. To assign blame, you have to be squeaky clean, and I doubt that there are many people that can claim that.
1. Hasanain says:
28 November 2018 at 10:02 PM
glad to see the assets being auctuoned off for Boss Logo. Thats karma for all the people  cheated.
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