2 September 2015
Canada Post commissions study on direct mail
Last year, in our publication Graphic Monthly Canada , we featured an article by Diana Lucaci, the founder of True Impact Marketing. In the article she discussed how neuroscience creates intelligent marketing and how it can benefit the print world.

Now, Lucaci has conducted a study, commissioned by Canada Post, on the impact print and digital campaigns have on customer motivation. Described as the largest of its kind, the study measures the emotional responses people have while interacting with digital and physical ad campaigns.

"In a data-driven world, this study reminds marketers that consumers are, ultimately, humans and their emotions are a driver in their path to purchase," Lucaci, said. "The effectiveness of tangible pieces on the brain is undeniable and understanding when and how to blend physical and digital throughout marketing can work to create the best customer experience."

The study found that direct mail is more memorable. Physical media requires 21% less effort to understand and creates 70% higher brand recall. It also found that direct mail’s motivation jumps when scent (perfume) or sound was included in the creative material. Sensory direct mail outperformed standard direct mail wit a 30 % higher motivation score than digital media.

The researchers developed two integrated campaigns featuring mock brands, applying the same creative and messaging consistently across each campaign's physical and digital media formats. The 270 participants underwent brain imaging and eye-tracking to test for the campaigns' ease of understanding, motivation and visual attention. Participants were later given memory tests to assess their recall of branded material.Canada Post

Read the study in full here.
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