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Oct 26, 2010
Metro Waste Paper Recovery changes its name to Cascades Recovery
Toronto, October 20th, 2010 – Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc., a major North American player in the business of managing discarded materials for the industrial, commercial, retail and graphics sectors, changes its name to Cascades Recovery Inc. This evolution is based on a common ownership, a strong business relationship and a wish to strengthen the bond even more.

As a member of Cascades Specialty Products Group, Metro Waste has become an integral part of Cascades’ supply chain and supports its sustainability goals and responsible products. Through the recovery systems, a much wider range of materials are now recovered and transformed into paper and packaging. As per Al Metauro, CEO of Cascades Recovery, “to capitalize on this direction, and on our relationship with Cascades, it is time to refresh our image; one that reflects the fact that we care so much about paper and packaging, when its discarded we want it back. We need a name that says it all. That name is Cascades Recovery.”

For Mario Plourde, President and CEO of Cascades Specialty Products Group, “this change better reflects our commitment toward sustainability. By investing in urban forests – recovery programs – rather than traditional forests, we create a sustainable business model that creates products with recyclable materials while offering the marketplace high quality products with small environmental footprints.”

Cascades Recovery offers unique services by providing a comprehensive approach that manages the diversion of discarded materials for uses other than landfill or incineration. A customized material recovery plan is developed for each customer and packaged under Recovery …PLUS.

The ‘PLUS’ takes the efforts beyond ‘Recovery’, incorporating program efficiencies into the business processes, ensuring that every effort is made to find beneficial uses for all materials and validating the benefits of using products made from recyclable materials.

“Unlike waste companies whose primary business is waste to landfill, our business is to divert material from landfill and find ways to use the discarded materials over and over again, working towards zero waste,” concluded Al Metauro.

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