12 July 2017
Effectiveness of Digital Presses Report
Comparing manufactures
Comparing manufactures
 In a bid to help printers make a more informed choice when purchasing a digital press, this report discusses the importance of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for digital presses in a print environment.The report examines the OEE of three popular presses, the Canon imagePRESS C10000VP, Ricoh ProC9110, and Xerox Color 1000i Press. The study compares these presses along the three components of OEE—availability, quality, and performance. John Zarwan, author of the report. “The output quality, consistency, and reliability of digital production presses have improved dramatically.
The report notes that the OEE of all three presses meets standards with room for improvement, especially in performance. All presses produce high quality output, with generally good availability. The main differences were a function of press breakdowns and the amount of time to repair. The greatest amount of variation in press performance was how fast the machine printed compared to its rated speed. .
“There are many things to consider when buying a digital press. It is important to match a press’ actual capabilities with your needs. It is equally important to operate the press efficiently and effectively. OEE can be a powerful tool for improving print operations. Our hope is this analysis of the operating effectiveness of these three press installations is a useful start.”
This report is available free of charge upon request to jzarwan@johnzarwan.com. 
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