25 October 2016
Make buyers compete to buy you company; Learn how at Print World
Sean Cavanagh, noted author and expert in mergers and acquisitions, will show you how to increase the worth of your business
Do you dream of selling your company and retiring? If you haven’t positioned your business for the 21st century marketplace, you may be in for a shock because the rules have changed. Great profit won't guarantee you’ll get the price you want; In fact, some companies can't be sold regardless of their profit.
Purchasers today are looking differently at investments. Gone are the days when share value was predominantly determined by revenue and income.  Instead, it’s all about de-risking a business in order to attract top dollar.  Long-term growth is outpacing short-term profit models. Corporate value and marketability are the primary focus now.  It’s not about profit itself, but about the risk of that profit.

In this crucial seminar, Sean Cavanagh, managing director of First Servant Capital Corporation and noted author, will explain the new rules of engagement. He’ll show you how to valuate your company, maximize your corporate value, and make buyers compete for your business.

Sean specializes in corporate growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and business valuations. He has written for numerous legal and accounting publications, including Business Valuation Digest, the Lawyer's Weekly and CA Magazine. He has presented at various conferences; taught at York University in Toronto and lectured at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He has recently published YBAWS!, which directly speaks to small business owners’ desire to grow their business retire well.

Stay tuned for more seminars and keynote speakers from Print World 2016, the leading trade show in the printing industry.

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