5 November 2013
Shipments look low for 2013
OTTAWA—Official shipment numbers show a decline, but figures are skewed down as Statistics Canada did not report on shipments in Alberta or British Columbia.

Quebec posted a notable 10.5% slide, with $171.3 million in recorded shipments for August 2013 compared to $191.3 million in August 2012.

Below are the monthly printing shipments (in millions) for the months of May to August.

Shipments 2013 2012 % change
May  627.5  672.2  -6.7
June  543.8  634.9  -14.3
July  539.9  569.8  -5.2
Aug  577.1  660.0  -12.6

Year-to-date numbers are likewise downtrending, with $4,589,140 posted so far for 2013 compared to $4,963,511 at the same period in 2012, for a change of -7.5%.

Click here to see numbers from January to April.

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